De Lamp

An new opera for 3 soloists and choir, 2 pianists and electronics 90 ”
to be premièred in 2020 at the Operadagen Rotterdam

composition & electronics             Huba de Graaff
libretto                                               Erik-Ward Geerlings
director                                              Marien Jongewaard
choir                                                  Cappella Amsterdam
piano’s                                                PianoduoLP – Loncar Pavlovic
solisten                                              Arnout Lems, Helmert Woudenberg, …&

production                                     Stichting WilCo/
co-producers                                Nieuw West /  Operadagen Rotterdam / …

In DE LAMP the fall of Srebenica is portrayed as a Dutch livingroom-drama.
Despite all analyzes and reports, the last word has not yet been said about responsibility for the genocide,
the largest genocide in Europe since the Holocaust.
Terror, guilt and feelings of inferiority at least play a major role,
not only in the figure of Karremans but in everyone who tries to imagine this history.
With all the knowledge, the opera wants to re-feel the collective uneasiness.


Committee of recommendation – comité van aanbeveling